Thursday, October 7, 2010

Educator Appreciation Week at Borders 10/6 - 10/10

It's Educator Appreciation Week at Borders stores!  That means 25% off nearly all your purchases.  While they do give an educator discount throughout the year, during EAW the discount applies not only to educational/classroom items but anything for personal use as well (and Borders has really good chocolate).

There are some exclusions... Rosetta Stone, electronics, and a few other items.  See the Borders Teaching and Learning page for full details.

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  1. Hello. I wanted to email you a few questions, but I don't see an email address. I am interested in obtaining my master's in School Library Media. I have two young children, and I figured by the time they started school I could be working part time as a school librarian.

    Do you plan on working as a school librarian in the future, or continue the jobs that you currently have? Also, how do you homeschool and have three jobs?

    I want to know because I would ideally like to work part time and homeschool, so I'm interested in how you go about doing that.

    Thank you,

    S. Belle