Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The HSL is back, ya'll!

I'm revamping the blog... and switching the focus (and moving South... see "ya'll" reference above).

Are we still all about books?  YES.
Am I still dedicated to helping friends (both live and virtual) homeschool their people?  YES.

So, whatup?

As I lamented in an earlier post, I no longer work at a big-box book retailer in all my spare time (RIP, Borders).  Not having access to the pre-pub copies of new books and the latest releases makes it hard to talk about the up-and-coming books in children's and YA.  So, this blog is going to be all about lists.  Subject lists.  Really good, tried and true, sometimes new, always high-quality books that fit into your homeschool.  I'm really, really good at lists.  Trust me.

My goal is to publish a new book list once a week.  Some will be general, some will be subject specific, or cover a unique time period.  If you need reading advice for your homeschooler, contact me.  Reply here, shoot me an email, tweet me.  I'll get on it as quickly as I can.  This is my favorite part of being a librarian.

Happy reading!