Thursday, September 16, 2010

Textbook rentals aren't just for college kids anymore!

I typically don't review books or services that I haven't personally used (or at least perused) but I'm so excited about this one that I'm going out on a limb. is a site I stumbled on while book shopping online.   I knew these sites were becoming popular for college texts, but had no idea such a service was available for homeschoolers.  I spent a while poking around the site, and was amazed at the number of books available for rental.  The rental contract is a flat fee for 9 months, and the price is generally 1/2 the cover price of the book.  For example, The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease: Instructor Text by Susan Wise Bauer (list price $29.95/Amazon price $19.77) is just $11.98. 

While some categories are not as well populated (Math has only 2 publishers: Saxon and Math in Focus) some are quite well-stocked (science and language arts, especially).  There are selections from both secular and Christian publishers. looks to be a great option for those of us with little shelf space to keep books we're finished with, as well as a great way to try new books without worrying about being stuck with things that don't work for us.  No more lugging boxes to used curriculum sales!  We will be trying this service very soon.

If you've used, it post a review!

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  1. Glad you found us out there on the web. We actually just started our business a few weeks ago and we are adding new publishers as well as updating our information on a daily basis. I just finished uploading a gret deal of more robust descriptions and pictures tonight. Also, we are working hard to broaden the depth of our offering so that we have a minimum of 3 offerings per subject. Thank you for the great write up and we hope you have a great day!
    Jesse and Candis